Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 31, 2009- New Letter from Jesse

Hey ya’ll
Yeah we are pretty close to an active volcanoe, I guess that you cant hike up to the top of it because the steam is too hott, and it also is huge and would take four days to get to the top says my comp! I miss you all a lot also, i want to talk to you all the time but I know this is going to be good for all of us!! I love being here on the mission!! I was sick for a while but I’m good now!!! Ha ha I got my blood taken the other today to see if I had high blood sugar or low blood sugar, and after I did I went to the palenke aka store across the street to buy some juice cause I was really weak and I totally passed out in line they were so scared ha ha!!! But im good now the results said that I have low blood sugar so I have to eat a lot of fruits and stuff which is totally ok w/ me! They also said candy but you know me, that ain’t going to fly!!!> The baptism was awesome! Im soo happy for here! It was funny cause they said I could do it in English, because everything here they try to do in English if it has to do with church stuff and is sometimes harder to understand than the tagalong and bicol! But I did it in Tagalog and totally said something wrong and had to dunk here twice! Ha ha it was so funny and the water was sobra malamig aka extra cold! It was really good though she was really scared!
I love all ya’ll and thank ya’ll for the support
Elder Johnson

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  1. Hi! My son just got called last week to the Naga Philippines mission. I came across your blog while googling Naga. I've enjoyed reading your son's blog to see what the mission is like. I'd love to talk to you if you have any advice to give from your experience of sending your son to the Philippines. This is my first son going on a mission, so I'm feeling a little overwhelmed but very excited for him! We live in San Clemente, CA and my email is viennasboys@cox.net. Thank you! Valerie Boyes