Monday, March 23, 2009

From Ruger (Jesse's dog) to Jesse 3/14/2009

Hi, I miss my partner, Grandma and Grandpa are fun but they don't have as much energy as me and you. But Grandma cooks really good and gives me a lot of kisses. Grandma still can't run as far as I can but she's trying. Grandpa put a chain fence around all the property in Springerville, well I got out some how, you know me and Grandma came looking for me. Finally she found me strolling back in by the front yard and I was all bloody. Did you ever notice that she gets real excited when someone she loves gets hurt. Well any way, she brought me inside and gave me a shower to see were I was bleeding from. I had got in a fight with another dog. When Grandma saw me my whole chest was bloody and my leg and mouth. I couldn't ell her that I wasn't as bad as I looked because she doesn't understand my language. When my warm shower was done and she dried me off, she found out that I just barely had a puncture wound on my leg and lip. She was sure glad to know all that blood wasn't from me and finally quit crying. I packing my leg a little but that's all. Grandma gave me the best Steak Bone you ever saw and I've been getting even more kisses if you can imagine that. Grandpa after realizing that I was okay, was sure proud of me for protecting my territory and said "Way to go Ruger, you go and teach those dogs whose in town now"! Grandpa also scolded me though and said, "See that's why I tell you to stay inside our fence". I think it was worth it because of all the attention I got, the bath, kisses and the huge Steak Bone from Grandpa's ranch grown beef. Did you ever do anything when you were my age (A teenager) and get in trouble but thought it was worth it? I promised Grandma I'd be good from now on, I hate to see her sad. I promise I be a good dog while your gone. When you get back you can tell me all of your adventures and I'll tell you mine, some of them I'm sure GRandma and Grandpa won't know about!I'll write again soon, Take care Dud. I think Grandpa and I are going to the ranch tomorrow, I love to chase Deer.You have fun too and promise me you'll be safe too! Can't wait for you to get home so we can go to the Lake and have a Bon-Fire.

Love your Partner


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