Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Letter from Jesse

March 1, 2009

hey ya'll

whats going on? here are some cool/ funny stories! so on the way here are first plan was delayed from utah to san fran. so we get to san francisco and have to full out sprint to get to the next plan, so just imagin 13 missionaries in suits just bookin it! the terminal was literally about half a mile away, it was awesome!!! i arrived first too, not to brag or anything!!! then we fly to tiapie and ate some nasty sushi! and then to manilla! at manilla we realize that are bags were not on the same plane! so hear we are 13 missionaries that stink of sweat with no clothes!!! so i got to stay a day in manilla prob the most crazy city on earth!!! everyone just pee's in the middle of the road its awesome and smells really bad! so i got bored and went exploring with a sister missionary! we go to this way ghetto ally and go down it! it is lined with all these stores selling like rotting meat and fish! it smelt terrible! not to mention every one is just staring us down! the a member of the church stopped us and was like these people are squatters! i'm thinking " every one is squatters here the just go to the bathroom in the middle of the road". but i guess squatters are basically bums that steal for a leaving so it prob wasnt a good place to be!!! ha ha next story is my comp elder bagano and i were just walking through the jungle to the bishops house and when we get there the bishops some ask if i want a fresh coconut! so i'm like heck yeah i do!! so he strait up climbs a palm tree that is like 50 ft high and cuts down like 5, and he was barefoot too. very manly! so were sitting there eating the best coconuts of my life and he is like you have to eat the rest ngayon which means now! and i was already full after one! so three coconuts later and i'm pretty much puking! it was great!!! any ways if you cant tell i love this place!!! its is sooo beautiful! its so cool to tract in the middle of the jungle and be super hott one second and soaking wet with rain the next! I dont understand a thing because there first language is bicol and next is tagolog but its all good! they just laugh at me! i hope all is well and i love you all

love elder johnson

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