Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 31, 2009- New Letter from Jesse

Hey ya’ll
Yeah we are pretty close to an active volcanoe, I guess that you cant hike up to the top of it because the steam is too hott, and it also is huge and would take four days to get to the top says my comp! I miss you all a lot also, i want to talk to you all the time but I know this is going to be good for all of us!! I love being here on the mission!! I was sick for a while but I’m good now!!! Ha ha I got my blood taken the other today to see if I had high blood sugar or low blood sugar, and after I did I went to the palenke aka store across the street to buy some juice cause I was really weak and I totally passed out in line they were so scared ha ha!!! But im good now the results said that I have low blood sugar so I have to eat a lot of fruits and stuff which is totally ok w/ me! They also said candy but you know me, that ain’t going to fly!!!> The baptism was awesome! Im soo happy for here! It was funny cause they said I could do it in English, because everything here they try to do in English if it has to do with church stuff and is sometimes harder to understand than the tagalong and bicol! But I did it in Tagalog and totally said something wrong and had to dunk here twice! Ha ha it was so funny and the water was sobra malamig aka extra cold! It was really good though she was really scared!
I love all ya’ll and thank ya’ll for the support
Elder Johnson

New Pictures of Jesse

Monday, March 23, 2009

Letter from Jesse

March 23, 2009

Hey mom and dad and ruger!!Ha ha
I love the e-mails you sent mom and I also got dads letter! I have abunch of stuff that I’m going to send home nexts pday so I’ll send the reply then to save some cash! But thatnk you so much for writing dad! I loved the letter! I think you’ll like the reply letter back ha ha! I’ll rush it too so it’ll get there fast! Nut I am being safe I promis!!! Its nice to hear that you and been are getting along!! Ha ha that is funny that he got hurt! Man when your friends are around they sure do get hurt a lot!!! I mean between ben and mike the mechanic there is a lot of injuries when you are around! You better quit it or you wont have any friends but that dumb SOB ruger!!! Ha ha! Im feeling a lot better now but I don’t have a lot of energy! Missionary work is hard work!! Dad you would be great at it you and mom should go on a couples mission you would love it!!!> Mom you are crazy! I know you would fly down here in a heart beat!! But I am doing fine! Thank you for sending those packages, I still haven’t received them though. Hopefully on Wednesday I will cause that is when president comes here and he will bring the mail! But you need to relax and be old for once! Your kids are fine you and dad just need to kick back and spend all of your money and when I get home I’ll support you all! Anyways I love you all so much! Everything here is great!!!! I am actually baptizing someone this upcoming Saturday sooo im exited!!! I love ya’ll and be safe thatnk you for ALL of the letters!!!
Jumpin jess johnson

Letter from Ruger (Jesse's dog typed by my mom) to Jesse

March 21st, 2009

Hi Pal,

I over heard Grandma reading your letter out loud and she says Elder Jesse Johnson. I'm a little concerned, did you catch a rapid aging disease in the Philippines? You aren't going to come back old and out of energy like Grandma and Grandpa, are you? I was about 3 1/2 years old when you left and you'll be gone for 2 years, which in dog years that's 14 years. So I figure I'll be 17 1/2 years old when you get back, I'm counting on us having a lot of fun. I hope you're feeling better, I know how it feels. About four days after I got to the cabin for the first time, Grandma & Grandpa feed me some Pig Ears. I slept in the Laundry room with the door shut so I wouldn't be tempted to get into things during the night. Well that night my stomach was churning and by the time Grandpa came to let me out I was ready to explode. He opened the door and I bee lined right passed him as he slowly walked to the arcadia door and opened it I was running so fast that I couldn't stop. I ended up in the loft and I thought a bomb went off. It was more like a stink bomb! Now Grandma and Grandpa ask each other if I've gotten my treat for the day so I won't get sick. You should of seen the look on Grandpa's face and that's the first time he called me a dumb S.O.B. It only took once for me to realize I don't want to push Grandpa into that "Red Zone". That was several weeks ago and It wasn't long till I was back on Grandpa's good side. It takes a lot more to get on Grandma's bad side! You said that you thought you were allergic to the rice, you should try fresh cut Cow Horns, I'm sure they have them there. Grandpa's doing Round-up all week and the day they had Mountain Oysters I didn't get to go, rats I heard they are great fresh. The next day Grandma went to the Ranch to help and took me. That's when I found my food weakness, Once you gnaw on one horn you can't stop. Grandpa's friend Ben DeHaan stayed at our Cabin all week helping Grandpa with Round-up. Ben's been really likes me. The day I went to the Ranch to help, Ben didn't have a very good day. He got his nose smashed by a Heifer's head that was in the shoot, his hand got smashed and a horned Heifer tried to gore him. Grandpa asked Ben what in the heck happened and Ben said he couldn't get out of the way enough against the fence because his big belly was in the way. Grandpa's not very sympathetic when Ben gets hurt, he's always laughing at him. You should of seen Ben's shirt it was almost as bloody as by chest when I got in that fight. Ben just says Ha-Ha then later has something smart to say back to Grandpa. They bicker back and forth like to old Hens, then at night laugh about the day. Ooh, I'm back to normal after that dog fight. I've been working on this Macho image around Springerville and I think it's working. I haven't seen any dogs coming into the yard. It didn't take very long, these dogs up here are quite the push over's. I think their more Bark than anything. I'll write next week and let you know what mischief I got in to

Licks and Tail Wags
Your Pal

Letter from Jesse

March 16, 2009

hey mom and dad
whats up? all is good here in the phillipines, i went to the beach today it was fun!!! so i think i'm allergic to the rice here! its tottally different that in the states! last night i was pretty sick today i have only drunken juice too! i dont know if it is the pesticide or just the rice! it kinda stinks cause it is all they eat ha ha! but everything else is all good! thank you for sending those email they are great! i havent got your package yet, i'm going to send you a cd and a letter some time this week with a bunch of pictures on it! nothing that exited has happened this week ! thats good that ruger is showing up all of the other dogs whats up! well i love you all!!!

love you baby boy

From Ruger (Jesse's dog) to Jesse 3/14/2009

Hi, I miss my partner, Grandma and Grandpa are fun but they don't have as much energy as me and you. But Grandma cooks really good and gives me a lot of kisses. Grandma still can't run as far as I can but she's trying. Grandpa put a chain fence around all the property in Springerville, well I got out some how, you know me and Grandma came looking for me. Finally she found me strolling back in by the front yard and I was all bloody. Did you ever notice that she gets real excited when someone she loves gets hurt. Well any way, she brought me inside and gave me a shower to see were I was bleeding from. I had got in a fight with another dog. When Grandma saw me my whole chest was bloody and my leg and mouth. I couldn't ell her that I wasn't as bad as I looked because she doesn't understand my language. When my warm shower was done and she dried me off, she found out that I just barely had a puncture wound on my leg and lip. She was sure glad to know all that blood wasn't from me and finally quit crying. I packing my leg a little but that's all. Grandma gave me the best Steak Bone you ever saw and I've been getting even more kisses if you can imagine that. Grandpa after realizing that I was okay, was sure proud of me for protecting my territory and said "Way to go Ruger, you go and teach those dogs whose in town now"! Grandpa also scolded me though and said, "See that's why I tell you to stay inside our fence". I think it was worth it because of all the attention I got, the bath, kisses and the huge Steak Bone from Grandpa's ranch grown beef. Did you ever do anything when you were my age (A teenager) and get in trouble but thought it was worth it? I promised Grandma I'd be good from now on, I hate to see her sad. I promise I be a good dog while your gone. When you get back you can tell me all of your adventures and I'll tell you mine, some of them I'm sure GRandma and Grandpa won't know about!I'll write again soon, Take care Dud. I think Grandpa and I are going to the ranch tomorrow, I love to chase Deer.You have fun too and promise me you'll be safe too! Can't wait for you to get home so we can go to the Lake and have a Bon-Fire.

Love your Partner


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jesse's mailing address

*He said to make sure you put his first name because there is more than one Elder Johnson*


Letter from Jesse

March 1, 2009

hey ya'll

whats going on? here are some cool/ funny stories! so on the way here are first plan was delayed from utah to san fran. so we get to san francisco and have to full out sprint to get to the next plan, so just imagin 13 missionaries in suits just bookin it! the terminal was literally about half a mile away, it was awesome!!! i arrived first too, not to brag or anything!!! then we fly to tiapie and ate some nasty sushi! and then to manilla! at manilla we realize that are bags were not on the same plane! so hear we are 13 missionaries that stink of sweat with no clothes!!! so i got to stay a day in manilla prob the most crazy city on earth!!! everyone just pee's in the middle of the road its awesome and smells really bad! so i got bored and went exploring with a sister missionary! we go to this way ghetto ally and go down it! it is lined with all these stores selling like rotting meat and fish! it smelt terrible! not to mention every one is just staring us down! the a member of the church stopped us and was like these people are squatters! i'm thinking " every one is squatters here the just go to the bathroom in the middle of the road". but i guess squatters are basically bums that steal for a leaving so it prob wasnt a good place to be!!! ha ha next story is my comp elder bagano and i were just walking through the jungle to the bishops house and when we get there the bishops some ask if i want a fresh coconut! so i'm like heck yeah i do!! so he strait up climbs a palm tree that is like 50 ft high and cuts down like 5, and he was barefoot too. very manly! so were sitting there eating the best coconuts of my life and he is like you have to eat the rest ngayon which means now! and i was already full after one! so three coconuts later and i'm pretty much puking! it was great!!! any ways if you cant tell i love this place!!! its is sooo beautiful! its so cool to tract in the middle of the jungle and be super hott one second and soaking wet with rain the next! I dont understand a thing because there first language is bicol and next is tagolog but its all good! they just laugh at me! i hope all is well and i love you all

love elder johnson

Monday, March 2, 2009

parts of Jesse's latest email to me (Ashli)

March 1, 2009

"...everything hear is great its so crazy!!! i love it! you would be magaling (talented) at driving here its seriously like bumber cars and chicken combined its one of the greatest adrenaline rushes ever ha ha! the language is tough!!! but its all good!"

love your lil broseph