Monday, March 23, 2009

Letter from Jesse

March 16, 2009

hey mom and dad
whats up? all is good here in the phillipines, i went to the beach today it was fun!!! so i think i'm allergic to the rice here! its tottally different that in the states! last night i was pretty sick today i have only drunken juice too! i dont know if it is the pesticide or just the rice! it kinda stinks cause it is all they eat ha ha! but everything else is all good! thank you for sending those email they are great! i havent got your package yet, i'm going to send you a cd and a letter some time this week with a bunch of pictures on it! nothing that exited has happened this week ! thats good that ruger is showing up all of the other dogs whats up! well i love you all!!!

love you baby boy

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