Thursday, April 23, 2009

From Jesse 4/20

hey mommy!

what s up! how are you? thank you for all of the support! everything is good here just a little tough! man i miss you all alot! thank you for all of your letters they make me laugh and happy! well i'll talk to you next week! xoxoxoxoxolove your baby

Ruger and Jesse

So since I always post letters "from ruger" to Jesse, I thought I would post a picture of Jesse and Ruger!!

From Ruger to Jesse

Hi Jesse, Ya know how everyone says, "Oh, To have the life of a dog must be nice". Well It's not all that it's cracked up to be! I've had quit a stressful week. Grandma brushes me every other day and you should see the hair that I am shedding. It'll fill up a plastic grocery sack. I'm a little worried, I over heard Grandma talking to someone about going bald. She said that if you're related to someone that's bald you have a good chance of going bald. Yikes! All I have been imagining all week long is Grandpa Nugent and Steve. I've seen those hairless cats on the internet when Grandma is looking up weird stuff on "youtube" and they're not a pretty site. Do you think I need to worry? See picture of first attachment! Next thing that happened that was traumatic this week was I thought we had been bombed. Last night Grandpa says, Ruger we've just been bombed. He opens the bedroom doors and turns the fan on to air out the bedroom. He was threatening to get the gas masks and I started to get worried until I realized that Grandma was still asleep and figured out it must of been a disaster fire drill. Boy I thought Grandpa was really acting the part till I heard him mumble to Grandma while she was sleeping that he wasn't going to be around for eternity if she didn't fix her problem and quit eating beans. The next morning he was really razing her and he made her promise that she wouldn't eat beans anymore. The funny thing is I couldn't smell it but you know where my nose has been. She hesitated but finally agreed. As soon as Grandpa left for work a few hours later she was sneaking and eating beans. I think she has a problem. You know if you're sneaking around to do something, you shouldn't be doing it. Do you think she's addicted to beans and can't help it? I remember hearing about a pill called Bean-O. Do you think they're for people that are addicted to Beans and would help stop the cravings? She has to be addicted because Grandpa was threatening to make her sleep in the other room if it happens again. That would be devastating because I know how I love sleeping in their bedroom. You probably remember how I love soft balls, well I had gone through all the balls Grandma had, so she went to the store to buy some more. She bought these great soft balls that were made to be played with in a pool. Grandma and Grandpa would through the ball, I would find it dunk it in my water bowl then bring it back to them to throw again, sometimes dropping it in their lap. Sometimes your parents don't give me enough credit, I knew it was a water ball and that's how you were suppose to play with it. If they didn't want me to bring them a sopping wet ball, why did Grandma buy pool balls? Have you ever noticed their actions don't go along with what comes out of their mouth. I hope that disease dementia isn't setting in early. I hope that they don't get it until you get back and I'm out of here. What are the missionary rules, If they get it early, is that considered a Family Crisis and you can come home early to get me out of here? If it gets to bad, I'll sneak one of Grandpa's white handkerchiefs in a box of goodies that Grandma mails to you. I saw that idea on one of the movies Grandma was watching when this guy couldn't handle it anymore and he surrendered by holding up a white rag. Miss you and love you lots. Thank goodness I am staying with Grandma and Grandpa their life would be so quiet, boring and uneventful. Also who would Grandpa have to gripe about Grandma to!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jesse mailed us a disk with a bunch of pictures and videos on it!! Each video takes about 3 hours to download so keep checking back and I will continue to upload them all!! This is him eating a balute which is a duck embryo! BLUH!! He eats it like a champ though!! It is fun to hear him speak the language a little bit too so turn the volume up!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Pictures Jesse mailed us

Yikes! Bats!

Skinned rat!! BLUH!

World's biggest earthworm!

His new pets!

Jesse and his childhood friend Skyler!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

February 5, 2009

Hey mom and dad!

Whats going on!!! Everything is really well here! I am getting a new companion on Thursday! I am kinda nervous! I hope he is as cool as my como. Right now! We just got back from going to a very pretty waterfall! I actually met a phillipino doctor there who used to live in Scottsdale but now lives here and in California! Yeah I think he was pretty loaded but he was way cool! But a funny story I though my camera was water proof! Ha ha turns out not so much so I have no camera ha ha!so I’m going to send you a link of a new camera I want and i’ll pay you back please!!! Ha ha sorry! So whats new? I miss ya’ll a ton! I cant wait till mothers day! It is going to be soo cool to talk to you all! How is everything? Oh and can you send me like 5 of my wake board shorts? Please!!! I really need them! Cause it is to hot to wear pants here!!! Also I will send ya’ll your package this week sometime! Cause it costs a lot to send stuff! But I need to go to naga and pull out money from my personal card! We don’t have a bank in are area that deals with the U.S.! and were are not supposed to go out off are area! So yeah! Well I love you all and hope all is well! Keep up reading and praying! I know the church is true and the book of mormon too! There is this old man who we started to teach and the first time he saw us he tried to run away! But we got him to listen! Now here loves the book of mormon and wants to share it with everybody! He knows it is true and it is so cool to see how much he has changed!I love this work! Even though it is tough! The language is coming really good, so thank you for all of your prayers! Love you soo soo much!

Your baby boy

Elder Jesse Cale Johnson

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Letter from Ruger (Jesse's dog) to Jesse typed by Grandma Jana

Hi Older or What ever it is they call you!

Grandma attached some pictures of me and Grandpa. Tomorrow is Easter and it snowed this morning. I love it when it snows because Grandpa gets the fireplaces so bellowing hot inside, I just know I'm going to melt down one of these days like Frosty the Snowman, that I always run around in the snow to get cooled off. In the pictures you'll see how I love to roll around in the snow and use my nose like a snow plow. Then the other pictures are with me and Grandpa gathering wood for the fireplace. I go out with him and help him find the perfect stick. He never finds the right one though so I search around and find it and end up pulling it out of the wood pile and chewing on it. You know how I love sticks, there are so many at the Cabin to chose from, I think I'm in Heaven! Grandma and Grandpa think I'm crazy most of the time, they say I act like a weird-do! I always stay real close to Grandpa to help him stay out of trouble I need a listening ear, You know when I told you in my other letter of my Colonitis attack, well it happened again. They left out on the porch this great onion dip and I found it the next morning. Boy it was good I almost licked the bowl clean but it was to rich to finish the whole thing. Well dogs memories you know aren't very long, I wish I would of remembered about the last attack when I ate something to rich I would of thought twice before I devoured it. All I was thinking of was that my breath would be bad from the onions but that isn't a problem Grandpa won't let me get around girl dogs anyway, he says I embarrass him! Well I dad one of those instant urges and I couldn't get anyone's attention so the Loft came in handy once more. Grandpa I swear use to be a hound dog in his previous life because instantly he smelled it. He sniffs around like his hound dogs looking for a Mountain Lion track (He really missed his calling in this life). Grandpa instantly accused me and I gave him that look like you use to give him, who me? I tried to tell him it was that guy that Grandma always talks about, the one that steals just one sock while she's doing laundry and tries to make her think she's going crazy! Well if you haven't figured it out by now, just for your FYI when you get back, he's to smart for that. He rubbed my nose in it and called me my nickname SOB and had to go outside for 30 minutes. That's my time-out spot. Dude it was awful I couldn't smell anything but that poop for days!! I wish you were hear, I could of blamed it on you because I remember Grandma telling you that you had so much crap on the floor it looked like a pig pen in your bedroom. Since you had crapped on the floor before they would of totally believed it was you!! HURRY HOME!! I NEED AN ALIBI! They are going to feel really bad in about 20 years when they start having Colonitis attacks. Like the stories of Grandma Johnson when she had to drop her pants no matter if she was in a parking lot or not. I'm just going to sit back when that happens and give them that look like, see sometimes you just can't help it and have to drop and dump anywhere! Boy when that day comes it will be so sweet! Today is the 11th of April and Grandma is acting weird. She's going around giving Grandpa big hugs and all excited like she won the lottery. I over heard them talk about today was their wedding anniversary of 34 years. Dang that's along time! I guess Grandma got married when she was 6 years old because she always trying to convince everyone that she is only 40 years old. Well write to you again soon, did you check out the girl dogs there in Naga? Are they pretty fine, I heard that beach dogs are knock outs like Lady in the movie Lady and the Tramp. Love Ruger, BFF's Forever