Friday, February 27, 2009

Skyler Ferguson

We found out about a month ago that Jesse's friend Skyler, who he has known almost his whole life, has been serving in the Naga Phillipeans mission for the past 2 years! The exact same place Jesse is going!! Jesse is getting there the day Skyler is leaving, so hopefully they will get to see eachother for a little while before going in opposite directions!! This is a picture of Skyler holding up Jesse's mission file!!

From Jesse's mission president

February 27, 2009

Elder Johnson arrived in the Naga Mission yesterday and has already been assigned to his first area and his trainer. He looks great. His luggage was delayed a day and we expect to take it to him later this morning and check how he is doing. He will be a fantastic missionary. He will write more on his first Preparation Day.

President Gordon C. Smith

Letter from Jesse

February 23, 2009

hey ya'll whats going on in the valley of the sun??? today is the last day of my MTC expierence! YAY! I'm so exited to get into the field! My journey starts today the 23 of feb when i leave the MTC at 5:30pm! then to the airport. then my flight leaves there to San Francisco at 9:00pm. then from there to tiwain at 12:00am. next wait in tiwain till around 6:00am which might be long or short depending on the time differences! then to manilla! I stay in manilla for a night and then wake up and leave for Naga at 6:00 am! Finally I'll arrive at the mission home for meetings and interviews and then off to wherever in the mission they send me and that can take up to like 2 days!!! i hope they will snd me to the ghetto aka sticks of the Philippines!!!! love ya'll and thank you for all of the support!

P.s. If anyone has these people email or mailing address please send them to me!!!!
Bryce and Brain Beecroft, Curtis Chaffee, Austin Pruitt and who ever elses that you'll think i need! Love all Ya'll!!!!

Letter from Jesse

February 16, 2009

Hey ya'll whats going on? im finally leaving the MTC!!! yayayayayay!!!!I will probably call around 6:30 ish or 7:30 ish! all is good here I'm just really exited to leave! i guess i get to see skyler for like a day in manilla too so thats going to be cool! I leave the MTC the 23rd and get to my mission home on the 26 so its going to be a long trip! but its going to be sooo worth it!!! i cant wait till i get to the airport I'm going to get a huge foot long sub at subway! we leave from salt lake to sanfrancisco and then to taipie/ tiwan or gowever you spell it. and then to the phillipines manilla airport. then i get to stay there for a day and then to the airport again and of to naga! wow and then hopefully I'll get sent into the boondocks of the mission and will have to ride a jeep-nee/ bus to my apartment for a couple of hours or if i'm lucky i'll get sent to another island!!!! yay!!!! well i got to go study right now but I'll talk to ya'll in a bit i will send my mission adress in another email in like an hour!!! love ya'll and i'll talk to ya later!p.s. thanks for all of the valentines!!!!!!! you'all or the coolest!!!

Jesse's 1st email to mom and dad

December 23, 2008

Hi mom and dad what is going on? I miss you Guys alot But i'm doing really well! i got your letter but didnt write back cause i get to email you today but i got it fast thank you! the tagalog is going pretty wee its crazy how fast i have picked it up! the gift of tongues is definatley real! so whats new? how is my dog??? i miss him soo soo much! well love you guys and i dont have much more time to write cause i took it all registering my email! i can recieve emails but can only respond to you guys so i have to write everybody else! i cant call you on christmas but i can write!! i love you and merry christmas!

MTC pictures and letter from mom


I wasn't going to send the picture with me in it but I thought it really showed what a long week and day it was. Make up at that point of time could only do so much. For you that don't know my favorite Uncle died the same week and we were doing funeral preparations also! But I have to say it was one of the most fulfilling weeks emotionally, spiritually and filling alot of voids that I was able to take care of being with my Uncle when he died and then taking Jesse and handing him back over to Heavenly Father! The best picture is the last one with his missionary name tag, "Elder Johnson". It was so weird Wednesday morning before we took him to the MTC we went to IHOP and someone came us to us and said "Hi Elder where are you going?" That's when it hit me, I was just doing everything that needed to be done on my list and when they called him Elder all of a sudden my little boy wasn't there any more he was a young man. I realized that I could no longer fulfill his needs and make everything all better, that was Heavenly Fathers job now! For a mom that tried so hard to make everything all better it was hard but healthy and at some point needed to be passed on, just as with my girls passing it on to their husbands. Life is wonderful and we just need to realize that our roles in life always change and recogonize what that next fulfilling role is and move on with all the dedication that we had before!!

Love Jana

Blog for Jesse

I decided to start a blog for Jesse while he is on his mission! I will put all the pictures I get from him, and updates so everyone who loves and misses him will be able to see them! Also I thought that I would just post the email address and password up here so anyone who has pictures, videos, or updates can also put them up here! Or if you just want to put pictures of yourself, vidoes and things that maybe Jesse would like to see! I'm not sure yet if he will be allowed to look at this or not but he can when he gets home to see how much we missed him while he was gone! I can also print it out and send it to him! So be creative... maybe blow up a picture of him as a lifesize poster and take it every where you go and take pictures and put them on here!! haha! Okay thats a little much, but I saw someone who did that with Oprah (and Jesse is way cooler than Oprah)!! But feel free to upload whatever you want or just make posts saying how much you love and miss him!! Just whatever! I think he'll like it, and it will give us an outlet for when we are missing him!! If you are a little slow and cant figure out how to use blogspot then here are directions, and if you still can't figure it out then Jesse probably doesn't like you anyways!! haha! JUST KIDDING! Call me and I'll help you, and try not to make fun of you!! 480-276-0866! Thanks so much guys! I think this will be cool!

step 2- sign in the username(email) is (I dont know his email address so I used mine) and the password is elderjohnson

step 3- then you will be at his dashboard...there you can make a post (write something or add pictures) by clicking the blue NEW POST button

step 4- then another screen will appear with a little tab that says posting highlighted and then it will say create and title: then an empty white box. Thats where you write or add pictures! The way you add pictures or videos is the 3rd and 2nd farthest buttons to the right (if you put your cursor over it it will say ADD VIDEO or ADD PICTURE)

step 5- when your done doin your thing just hit the orange PUBLISH POST button at the bottom of the screen

TAH DAH!! Thats it! Your done!