Friday, February 27, 2009

MTC pictures and letter from mom


I wasn't going to send the picture with me in it but I thought it really showed what a long week and day it was. Make up at that point of time could only do so much. For you that don't know my favorite Uncle died the same week and we were doing funeral preparations also! But I have to say it was one of the most fulfilling weeks emotionally, spiritually and filling alot of voids that I was able to take care of being with my Uncle when he died and then taking Jesse and handing him back over to Heavenly Father! The best picture is the last one with his missionary name tag, "Elder Johnson". It was so weird Wednesday morning before we took him to the MTC we went to IHOP and someone came us to us and said "Hi Elder where are you going?" That's when it hit me, I was just doing everything that needed to be done on my list and when they called him Elder all of a sudden my little boy wasn't there any more he was a young man. I realized that I could no longer fulfill his needs and make everything all better, that was Heavenly Fathers job now! For a mom that tried so hard to make everything all better it was hard but healthy and at some point needed to be passed on, just as with my girls passing it on to their husbands. Life is wonderful and we just need to realize that our roles in life always change and recogonize what that next fulfilling role is and move on with all the dedication that we had before!!

Love Jana

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