Friday, February 27, 2009

Letter from Jesse

February 16, 2009

Hey ya'll whats going on? im finally leaving the MTC!!! yayayayayay!!!!I will probably call around 6:30 ish or 7:30 ish! all is good here I'm just really exited to leave! i guess i get to see skyler for like a day in manilla too so thats going to be cool! I leave the MTC the 23rd and get to my mission home on the 26 so its going to be a long trip! but its going to be sooo worth it!!! i cant wait till i get to the airport I'm going to get a huge foot long sub at subway! we leave from salt lake to sanfrancisco and then to taipie/ tiwan or gowever you spell it. and then to the phillipines manilla airport. then i get to stay there for a day and then to the airport again and of to naga! wow and then hopefully I'll get sent into the boondocks of the mission and will have to ride a jeep-nee/ bus to my apartment for a couple of hours or if i'm lucky i'll get sent to another island!!!! yay!!!! well i got to go study right now but I'll talk to ya'll in a bit i will send my mission adress in another email in like an hour!!! love ya'll and i'll talk to ya later!p.s. thanks for all of the valentines!!!!!!! you'all or the coolest!!!

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