Friday, February 27, 2009

Letter from Jesse

February 23, 2009

hey ya'll whats going on in the valley of the sun??? today is the last day of my MTC expierence! YAY! I'm so exited to get into the field! My journey starts today the 23 of feb when i leave the MTC at 5:30pm! then to the airport. then my flight leaves there to San Francisco at 9:00pm. then from there to tiwain at 12:00am. next wait in tiwain till around 6:00am which might be long or short depending on the time differences! then to manilla! I stay in manilla for a night and then wake up and leave for Naga at 6:00 am! Finally I'll arrive at the mission home for meetings and interviews and then off to wherever in the mission they send me and that can take up to like 2 days!!! i hope they will snd me to the ghetto aka sticks of the Philippines!!!! love ya'll and thank you for all of the support!

P.s. If anyone has these people email or mailing address please send them to me!!!!
Bryce and Brain Beecroft, Curtis Chaffee, Austin Pruitt and who ever elses that you'll think i need! Love all Ya'll!!!!

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