Tuesday, April 14, 2009

February 5, 2009

Hey mom and dad!

Whats going on!!! Everything is really well here! I am getting a new companion on Thursday! I am kinda nervous! I hope he is as cool as my como. Right now! We just got back from going to a very pretty waterfall! I actually met a phillipino doctor there who used to live in Scottsdale but now lives here and in California! Yeah I think he was pretty loaded but he was way cool! But a funny story I though my camera was water proof! Ha ha turns out not so much so I have no camera ha ha!so I’m going to send you a link of a new camera I want and i’ll pay you back please!!! Ha ha sorry! So whats new? I miss ya’ll a ton! I cant wait till mothers day! It is going to be soo cool to talk to you all! How is everything? Oh and can you send me like 5 of my wake board shorts? Please!!! I really need them! Cause it is to hot to wear pants here!!! Also I will send ya’ll your package this week sometime! Cause it costs a lot to send stuff! But I need to go to naga and pull out money from my personal card! We don’t have a bank in are area that deals with the U.S.! and were are not supposed to go out off are area! So yeah! Well I love you all and hope all is well! Keep up reading and praying! I know the church is true and the book of mormon too! There is this old man who we started to teach and the first time he saw us he tried to run away! But we got him to listen! Now here loves the book of mormon and wants to share it with everybody! He knows it is true and it is so cool to see how much he has changed!I love this work! Even though it is tough! The language is coming really good, so thank you for all of your prayers! Love you soo soo much!

Your baby boy

Elder Jesse Cale Johnson

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