Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jesse dyed his hair black!!

New letter sent from Jesse May 25

hey mom and dad!!!
So i am in a new area now! yay! it is soo pretty! I am in a little town called Bacon just about 15 minutes out side of Sorsogon! My area is really big too so it has been fun to go see it! also i have the ocean in my area and are little meeting house is pretty close to the beach! it is also cool cause sorsogon city is really close and it has a really nice grocery store so i can buy food that gets along with my stomach! I also got a new comp. his name is Elder Badilla, he is really nice but doesn't know really how to speak english! hi mom is a school teacher and spoke english to him before so he can understand alot of english if i have trouble saying it in tagalog! also they speak another language here different from my first area! ha ha it is confusing! They are both called bicol but they are way different! it is funny you would think that since it is one country they would all speak the same language ha ha! most people know tagalog so we can still talk but some of the older people and kids only know bicol! Well Dad here is the bad part about my area ha ha! there are alot of places i cant go because they hate americans ha ha! they think all americans are spies ha ha it is funny! but there are a couple americans who live here so it cant be that bad! don't worry about that though! the people here are sooo sooo nice! here is a crazy story for ya! my new apartment is right next to the highway and we were i was sitting there doing language study. well i heard this loud bang outside so me and my comp run outside and there was a motorcycle wreck! the guy and his friend were driving down the road and their tire went flat! the went out of control and hit a hand rail infront of are house and they both flew off, this is literally right infront of our house! so one guy flew off and landed under a parked truck like 5 feet away and was pretty scrapped up but the other guy flew like 10 feet and landed in a ditch full of water and was pretty messed up! oh and they broke our hand rail! ha ha i felt bad for them but after i new they were ok i just started laughing! it was great! well i miss you all and love you soo soo much!
Love Elder Johnson

ps. I dyed my hair black

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